Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Date

Sweet Date

Sho: Oops! Am gonna late!


Meko-chan: Hmm... what's taking Shosho so long?

Suddenly she tripped onto something and nearly fall...

Sho: Are you alright, Ameko?
Meko-chan: SHOSHO! Its you! I'm fine, you can put me down already. *Blush*

Meko-chan: Shosho! You look so handsome ne!
Sho: Thanks! You're still wearing that pink costume...
Meko-chan: Shosho, you know its my favorite costume...

Meko-chan: Ne, Shosho, where are we going for dinner?
Sho: *Thinking of something*
Meko-chan: Shosho... Shosho... SHOSHO!
Sho: Nani? Sorry Ameko. What were you saying?

Meko-chan: What happen, Shosho?
Sho: Nothing... let's go.

*Sho doesn't really pay much attention to Meko-chan when he's dating with her...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sexy undergarment models

Sexy undergarment models

Erasmus: Oh manz~ This is kinda embarrassing to do this...

Erasmus: ... I ... I look great... ne? *_*

Sho: Oh wow! This is my first time wearing a red boxer... ha!

Sho: I look sexy ne~ I wonder if that someone will see this photo... ermm... I mean not Meko-chan...

Reizo: Haha... why do I have to pose in boxer... I don't even have a good figure. Kaya must pick the wrong guy...

Reizo: Well... its alright.. I don't mind actually~ Just join in for fun~

Junya: I guess I look nice in white that's why I get to wear white boxer... well maybe because my skintone is different other boys... -_-"

Junya: Well nevermind... just pose it~

Monday, June 8, 2009



Sakito: Oh my~ Who is this guy? He looks like me when I'm still in school days... my old look instead. I gotta ask Kaya.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Alperen wig testing

Alperen's wig testing

Alperen: Why me? I have to try out so many wigs?
Kaya: Yes... Just be good. Its a request from Jen.
Alperen: Alright~

Erasmus's wig

Gin's wig

Joshe's wig

Nickholas's wig

Zaccheus's wig

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Party Invitation

Party Invitation

Reizo: I met this little interesting girl again...

Meko-chan: Ne~ Ne~ I've got a party invitation!

Meko-chan: Hmmm... should I go or not?! Sho Sho isn't free on that day. If I got alone, that would be boring.


Reizo: Hey little girl, its you again.
Meko-chan: Nani?
Reizo: Don't you remember me? I'm Reizo.
Meko-chan: Oh! Sou desu ka~ ZO ZO

Reizo: Is this yours? You dropped onto the floor.
Meko-chan: Hai! Hai! Its mine. My party invitation card.

Reizo: Cool! You got a party.
Meko-chan: Yeah~ But I'm going alone... sob sob.

Reizo: If you don't mind, I can go with you.
Meko-chan: Hmm...
Reizo: Come!