Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flirty Flirty (Part 1)

Champagne is back! Yes she's back from Thailand.

She came back to look for her favorite guy, Joshe.

Cham: Hmm.. where's my Joshe?

Sebest: Hello miss. Need help?
Cham: *Thinks* Ooh... such a hottie.

Sebest: What's wrong?

Cham: Ermm.. nothing. I'm looking for someone.
Sebest: ...

Sebest: Are you looking for me then?
Cham: Oh~

Sebest: Say. Say you're looking for me, babe.
Cham: Oooh... I... I...
Sebest: *Ring* Oops sorry, my phone rings. Excuse me.

Cham: Oh my~ since when here got so many hottie guys. *Blush* That guy is way to hot. I wonder does he know my Joshe?

A few hours later...

Cham saw another guy.

Cham: Ooh... there's another hottie guy.

Cham: Ermm excuse me, handsome.

Lyon: Hmm? Yes?
Cham: Hello! Sorry to disturb you, I'm looking for someone.
Lyon: Oh.. what's the person's name?

Cham: His name is Joshe. Do you know him?
Lyon: No I don't. Sorry.
Cham: Oh...

Cham: Nevermind. Thanks! But you're a cutie. I like you. What's your name?
Lyon: ... *Blush* Lyon.
Cham: Lyon. What a nice name. I gotta go. See ya!

Cham: *Giggles* Hehe~ What a cutie.


She saw someone familiar...

Cham: Oh~ That's Tora.

Cham: Hey Tora! So nice to see you.
Tora: Its you! What are you doing here?

Cham: Aww~ Come on. We are back together from Thailand. You already forget the happy moments we had together.
Tora: Stop it! Don't talk rubbish.
Cham: No I'm not. Alright... I'm looking for someone but I can't find him.
Tora: Hey Hey~ I don't know who are you looking for... but sorry I can't help you. I gotta go.

There'll be more... stay tuned!

To be continued...