Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You know I love you

Crayon: Hey Mon. You know what?
Mon: ...

Crayon: I'm glad that you are with me. Whenever I'm happy or down, you always be with me. I don't know what will happen if I lose you. I already lost you once, I don't want it to happen again.
Mon: ......

Mon: *Kissu*

Crayon: Aww~ *Muacks* You know I love you.

Caleb's first date?

Crayon: Hey Caleb!
Caleb: ...

Crayon: So its really you. Long time no see. How are you?
Caleb: Oh Hi Crayon, its you. I'm doing great. Thanks!

Crayon: *Touch* Wow not bad huh. Now you know how to dress up nicely.
Caleb: Hehe. All thanks to you.

Crayon: Tee Hee! You're welcome, Caleb. So where are you going?
Caleb: I'm going for a date.

Crayon: Wow! A date! Congrats. Haha.
Caleb: Geez Thanks~
Crayon: I wonder who is she. Do I know her?
Caleb: Ermm... don't think so. I know her through internet.
Crayon: Oh wow. You're so bold!
Caleb: Why not?
Crayon: I heard there are alot of pranks and fake people. You better be careful.
Caleb: I know, don't worry. She send me her photo before.
Crayon: Photo? Can be fake too. Not that I wanna throw a wet blanket to you. I just want you to be careful.
Caleb: I will be careful. Don't worry.

Crayon: Wait a min! I think I better tag along.
Caleb: Huh?
Crayon: No worries, I will hide somewhere and see.
Caleb: No need. I can handle myself.
Crayon: You sure? C'mon. Let me help you.
Caleb: I...
Crayon: Don't say anymore. Let's go.

*Sorry for blurry photos. Images all taken via HP*