Saturday, December 25, 2010

After the Xmas shoot


Merry Xmas 2010! ^_^

Crayon: ♪♫♪♫♪♫...

Crayon: ♪♫ Ne... Dong Dong... ♪♫... What other song you want to listen, I play for you?
Dong: ... *Busy packing up*

Crayon: Dong Dong?! Come let me play a song for you. Delicate to you specially. XD
Dong: Don't disturb me, Crayon. I gotta help Kaya to pack up quickly. And you also must help me.
Crayon: Oh well...

Crayon: So you don't want to listen any song. I'll just.... *Chu*
Dong: ...

Dong: !!! O_O
Crayon: *Whisper* Dong, I love your Cologne.

Dong: What are you doing?
Crayon: Giving you a Xmas kiss. *Chu*

Dong: Alright, stop playing. Come and help me.
Crayon: Hee!

Dong: Come on, what are you staring at?
Crayon: Dong...
Dong: ?

Crayon: There something on your....
Dong: ...? what...?

Crayon: lips... Shh... stop talking...
Dong: ....

Dong: No! Go away! *Push*
Crayon: Why? Aren't you enjoy?
Dong: No stop it. If you are not helping me then please go away. I need to finish up quick before Kaya scold.

Crayon: Alright! I'll help you.
Dong: Better be quick.