Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lonely Birthday + rantings!

Gin: Sigh! =|

Miso: ?
Gin: =|

Miso: Hi Gin!
Gin: ...

Miso: What's wrong? You don't look happy.
Gin: Oh~ Miso, its you.

Miso: Mind tell me what happen?
Gin: Err.. nothing.

Miso: You sure? You don't look good.
Gin: Actually today is my birthday. Kaya forget all about it. I'm kinda depressed because I've been with her 4 years and she's been neglecting me. There are lotsa newbies and she mainly put all her focus on them.
Miso: Oh! Don't be sad, Gin. Me too, I've been sitting in the cupboard for few years and she also forget my birthday. Its alright, I understand how you feel. Its your big day, let's go and celebrate together.

Hours later...

Miso: Ne~ Gin.
Gin: Hm?

Miso: ... *Stares at Gin*
Gin: Yes?
Miso: *Blush* Er nothing...


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