Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Party Invitation

Party Invitation

Reizo: I met this little interesting girl again...

Meko-chan: Ne~ Ne~ I've got a party invitation!

Meko-chan: Hmmm... should I go or not?! Sho Sho isn't free on that day. If I got alone, that would be boring.


Reizo: Hey little girl, its you again.
Meko-chan: Nani?
Reizo: Don't you remember me? I'm Reizo.
Meko-chan: Oh! Sou desu ka~ ZO ZO

Reizo: Is this yours? You dropped onto the floor.
Meko-chan: Hai! Hai! Its mine. My party invitation card.

Reizo: Cool! You got a party.
Meko-chan: Yeah~ But I'm going alone... sob sob.

Reizo: If you don't mind, I can go with you.
Meko-chan: Hmm...
Reizo: Come!


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