Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Mr Rabbit meets little black bunny

On the new year eve, there's one little black bunny who seems unhappy.

Just then, a mysterious guy who's wearing a rabbit mask appeared.

Dong: *Laughs* Hello everybody!

Then he notices little black bunny.

Dong: *Touch* Hello little black bunny, how are you?
Black bunny: =(

Dong: Oh what's wrong?
Black bunny: My owner dumped me. She's doesn't want me anymore. And now I can't find her. I want to celebrate new year with her.

Dong: Aww~ you poor little black bunny. Come, let me give you a hug. *Hugs*
Black bunny: Will you be my owner? Will you celebrate new year with me?

Dong: Of course. Come~ *Hugs*
Black bunny: *Happy* =D

Dong: Come, let's go and celebrate new year with the rest.
Black bunny: =D



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