Thursday, March 17, 2011


One day~
Joshe: Busy packing~

Sakito: Ne? Joshe, why are you packing? Are you going for holiday?
Joshe:... yes.

Joshe: Listen, I will be going to somewhere soon and most probably will not be coming back.
Sakito: Oh? To where?
Joshe: Some where not far.
Sakito: O,o Why?
Joshe: To start a brand new life.
Sakito: Brand new life? Did Kaya know about this?
Joshe: Yup she agreed.

Sakito: Wherever you go, please take care of yourself. I hope you will be happy there.
Joshe: Thank you, Sakito. :)

Sakito: Take care!
Joshe: You too, Sakito!


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