Monday, February 7, 2011

Online Shopping

Look! What's our Dear Crayon doing?


Crayon: Hmm~ which one is nice?

Kaya: Crayon, what are you doing?
Crayon: Hmm? Yes?

Crayon: Nothing much... I was surfing net.

Kaya: Oh surf what website, let me see.

Kaya: Oh! You're surfing for a new wig.
Crayon: Yup Yup. Do you think this wig is nice? Do you think it will suits me?
Kaya: I guess so. I'm actually looking a new wig for you these days but haven't find a suitable one.
Crayon: People said I looks great with a wine red wig. I also think its time to change new hairstyle.
Kaya: Well, since if you like this one, go ahead and get it.

Crayon: Really? Then I'll go get it.

Are you real? (Crayon makes new friend)

One fine day, Crayon saw someone who he haven't met before. He thought he was a statue or something...

Crayon: Oh my! I wonder who is this guy? A statue or...

Crayon: *Thinks* My oh my, he's huge and....GORGEOUS. I wonder if he can talks.

Crayon: *Touch-Touch* Wow such big muscle... nice hairstyle. And he smell so nice. (Resin smell) *_*

Crayon: *Touch-Touch* The more I look at him, he seems so real.

Zayle: *Turns*
Crayon: Wait a min! Did you just turn your head?

Zayle: Yes little fellow? What do you want?
Crayon: What the... are you real? I mean real guy... real person? And you really talks! O_o

Zayle: Yes. I'm new here and my name is Zayle. And what do you mean that I'm real?
Crayon: Wow! That's so cool! You really can communicate and understand what I'm talking. I mean you are a real guy, not a statue because you're so different from us. You're so giant. Sorry~ Hehe!
Zayle: Giant? O_o

Crayon: Oh what's your name again? I'm Crayon and nice to meet you. ^_^
Zayle: I'm Zayle. Nice to meet you too, Crayon. You're very cute.

Crayon: *Sits* And wow look at your hands.

Crayon: They are so big.
Zayle: ...

Crayon: Hey Zayle, you know you are a cool guy and I like you. ♥
Zayle: Thanks! You're very cute.

Crayon: Come, let's take a picture together.
Zayle: Sure.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Mr Rabbit meets little black bunny

On the new year eve, there's one little black bunny who seems unhappy.

Just then, a mysterious guy who's wearing a rabbit mask appeared.

Dong: *Laughs* Hello everybody!

Then he notices little black bunny.

Dong: *Touch* Hello little black bunny, how are you?
Black bunny: =(

Dong: Oh what's wrong?
Black bunny: My owner dumped me. She's doesn't want me anymore. And now I can't find her. I want to celebrate new year with her.

Dong: Aww~ you poor little black bunny. Come, let me give you a hug. *Hugs*
Black bunny: Will you be my owner? Will you celebrate new year with me?

Dong: Of course. Come~ *Hugs*
Black bunny: *Happy* =D

Dong: Come, let's go and celebrate new year with the rest.
Black bunny: =D



Tomorrow is 正月初一了。。。
Sho and Hsin wanna wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

Sho and Hsin: 新年快乐! ^_^

Sho: 恭喜发财!

Hsin: 万事如意!