Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Date

Sweet Date

Sho: Oops! Am gonna late!


Meko-chan: Hmm... what's taking Shosho so long?

Suddenly she tripped onto something and nearly fall...

Sho: Are you alright, Ameko?
Meko-chan: SHOSHO! Its you! I'm fine, you can put me down already. *Blush*

Meko-chan: Shosho! You look so handsome ne!
Sho: Thanks! You're still wearing that pink costume...
Meko-chan: Shosho, you know its my favorite costume...

Meko-chan: Ne, Shosho, where are we going for dinner?
Sho: *Thinking of something*
Meko-chan: Shosho... Shosho... SHOSHO!
Sho: Nani? Sorry Ameko. What were you saying?

Meko-chan: What happen, Shosho?
Sho: Nothing... let's go.

*Sho doesn't really pay much attention to Meko-chan when he's dating with her...


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