Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hide, my idol!

Hideto: ...

Along came Kai...

Kai: *Look*
Hideto: ... ?

Then suddenly...
Kai: HIDE!!! Are you HIDE?
Hideto: *Shocked* ... Yeah.

Kai: OMFG! You are HIDE! I can't believe it. *Hug tightly*
Hideto: *Shocked* Yeah I am...

Hideto: *Coughs* ... Excuse me. Please...
Kai: Oh Oh~ I'm so sorry.

Kai: Ne, HIDE, you know I'm you fan. I still can't believe you are right beside me. What are you doing here all alone, where's the rest? Oh I have so many things to ask you. But first, can we take picture together? *Excited*
Hideto: Oh.. okay.

Kai: Smile~
Hideto: =)


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