Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Parcel from oversea

Xmas Parcel from oversea

Crayon saw a parcel on the table. He thought that is for him... well~ tat boy...

Crayon: Wow! A parcel! For me?
I shall open it...
Oh my! Oh my god! There are so many goodies!
Oh... where is from?
Its from Yuntchi!
Oh thank you! Thank you so much!

Crayon: Look! Why so many monkeys?
Anyway~ I kinda like the Xmas Apron. I look so pretty when I put it on, don't I?

Crayon: Ah! So many chocolates I never try before. Aww~ Thank you very much! Oh I love it!

*He seems to be so fast than my other children when comes to opening gifts...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Come here, boy!

Come here, boy!

Champagne doesn't give up!
She saw Joshe again standing alone... she got so excited...

Champagne: Oh my! Its Joshe again!

Champagne: JOSHE! Gotcha! ;)
Joshe: !

Champagne: Joshe! Come with me! I bring you to my place.
Joshe: No! Please let go.

Champagne: Come on! Joshe! What's wrong with you?
Joshe: Sorry I have something on.

Champagne: Oh~ My body is aching... (Pull down her strip)
Joshe: ...

Champagne: Ahhh~ Oh my~ *Whispering* Wow his body is so fit. I just want to hug him tightly and won't let go...

Joshe: Hey~ Please... let go me.

Joshe: *Push*
Champagne: Hey~ Don't push me away... I know you want me. You already cannot stand anymore right? Your gf is not here with you, I wonder how would you stand it.

Joshe: Please! I won't do anything unfaithful thing to her.
Champagne: That's what you said but I know deep down your heart you cannot stand the heat. Am I right?

Champagne: *Falls* Ahhhh~
Joshe: Oh no~
Champagne: Come on Joshe dear, why won't we just do it here?
Joshe: Please let go of me... Hoshiko!!!
Champagne: No use... she can't even hear you... no matter how loud you shout also no use. You're mine!
Joshe: Hoshiko!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New beginning

New beginning

Last few weeks, Kai was in hospital due to some accident happened. He had operation on his full body and now he changed to a new body. His brother, Kane was worried about him, everyday went to accompany him in the hospital.

Now he's back home.... and resting....


Sleeping soundly... zzZZzz

Kane: Kai~ *Touch*

Kai: *Awake* What?
Kane: How are you feeling now? Still in pain?

Kane: If you are still in pain, must tell me ok?
Kai: I'm okay... not pain anymore.

Kane: Really? Don't bluff me. I can see that you are not feeling good.
What is it, tell me? Is it because you are not use to your new body?

Kai: Don't think that you know everything about me.

Kane: Of course I know everything about you. You're my dearest brother.
And I care for you.

Kai: Argh~ Just shut up! I'm sleepy... good nite!

Kane: Alright~ Good nite!

Kai: *Thinking* ~ You never care for me at all.
You always control me, everything!
I want freedom!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

誕生日おめでとう Sharon^^

誕生日おめでとう Sharon^^

Today is Sharon's birthday~

Kane represents the boys to give her a bouquet of flowers~

Monday, December 8, 2008

Look! I got new clothes!

Look! I got new clothes!


Check it out~

I got new clothes! Yay! Its limited edition somemore~

Omg Omg! Am so excited!

Thank you very much, Sharon. That's very sweet of you to get me this limited T-shirt.
(Crayon doesn't know its actually meant for sharing with other boys)

Lotsa kisses from me to you, Sharon^^

Muack-Muack~ <3

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crayon's Dream

Crayon's Dream~

Hmm~ 私は愛する...

私は愛する... 私は愛する...

Ring~ Ring~



What was that just now? I still feeling tired...

Hmm what did I just dream of?

I can still feel the kiss... so warmth and... nice. *Blush*

To be continue...