Saturday, January 30, 2010


Caleb: Hello everybody! I'm new here. My name is Caleb. Just arrived last week. I've been sailing for past few years. Finally Kaya adopted me and I can settle down. No more sailing.

Caleb: I change my hairstyle as my long dry wig isn't looking good. I don't like this new one either. I know I'm not as good looking as the other boys here. I'm not a popular guy where all the girls will want to hang out with me.

Caleb: I hope to make new friends here and more girls will come and talk to me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belated gift

Lyon: Yay! Its gifts from Lycian and second mommy~

Lyon: Aw~ such nice package!

Lyon: Kaya! Open it up! Quick!
Kaya: Alright~

Lyon: *Girly action* Wah!

Lyon: Yay~ So sweet of Lycian to make this bread for me.
Kaya: This isn't edible, Lyon. Beside its not for you.

Lyon: Ok then I take this one.
Kaya: This one also not for you.

Lyon: What about this ice cream? Am sure Lycian make this for me, got my favorite flavor.
Kaya: Am sorry Lyon, this also not for you.
Lyon: Aww~

Lyon: Ok fine! I'll take this big box of treasure chocolates and share with my friends.
Kaya: This is not for you too. But... yes you may take some and share with your friends.
Lyon: * Sweat drop*

Kaya: Here... you take this one. Chin mommy and Lycian make this for you.
Lyon: Really? Yay! XD See~ nice or not my new bracelet?

Kaya: Yes of course! And this cute plushie also for you.
Lyon: Wow! This is so cute! Lycian and Chin mommy really awesome!

Lyon: *Kissu*
Kaya: *Sweat drop*

Kaya: Aww~ Thank you very much, Chin and Lycian. *Hugs*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its their birthday!

Guess who?

Erasmus: Hmm~ who's that curly man?

Curly man turn around...
Junya: Hello! :)

Junya change his hairstyle. He went to perm his hair and now he had a brand new look for his birthday.
Erasmus still look the same but he got new shirt for his birthday as well.

Erasmus: Let's take a photo together.

Erasmus: Geez Junya, your hair seems so interesting. Let me try to style it.

Erasmus: What makes you want to perm your hair? None of us had a perm hair...
Junya: I think perm hair suits me and I kinda like it.

Erasmus: Oh perm hair ne~ I never ever think about it. I think I will look strange in perm curly hair.
Junya: You can try to perm it, maybe you will look great too?! Hey stop playing with my hair.
Erasmus: Haha! C'mon!

After a while~

Junya: Its time to celebrate my birthday... let me go find some girls here... hehe~

Happy Birthday to Junya and Erasmus!

Its their first anniversary with me. And yes they got the same birthday as me. They are my birthday gifts from last year. ^_^

Friday, January 8, 2010

~Happy Birthday Galren~

Today is Galren's birthday!

Aurora: Aww~ my dear Galren, Happy birthday to you! *Muacks*
Galren: Thank you my dear. :)



Galren: Let's go!
Aurora: Ok! ^_^

Galren: Before that, let's take a pix. (Taking out his HP)
Smile my dear~