Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monkey Puppet

One day, Crayon starts to play with Monny.

Crayon: *Act voice* Hello! My name is Monny. How do you do?

Crayon: *Giggles* Hello Hello~

Crayon: Hello Monny, what's up?
*Act voice* Hello Crayon~ I have something for you.

Crayon: Oh? What is it?
*Act voice* Mmmmuacks! A Kiss!

Crayon: Aw~ I'll give you one too. Muacks!

Crayon: Why don't you give everyone a big kiss too?
*Act voice* Yes Yes! *Muacks*

Crayon: Alright~ Kiss goodbye to everyone, Monny. See ya!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Caleb's Problem

Caleb: Sigh! Why... why nobody want to make friends with me? Why all the girls here ignoring me? Why?

Crayon: Hmm~ Is that Caleb? What is he doing there?

Crayon: Hey! What's up?
Caleb: Sigh!

Crayon: Caleb!
Caleb: What? Its you. What's with that monkey hat?

Crayon: Yes. Its me. Monkey hat? Haha... that's part of my accessories. What happen to you? You looks troubled.
Caleb: Nothing.

Crayon: Don't bluff me. I can see that you're not very happy. Perhaps I can help?
Caleb: You can?

Crayon: Yes. If you tell me what's wrong?
Caleb: Ok. You see... I've been here for some time. And I haven't even had much friends here. Not even a single girl would want to make friend with me or go date with me. Say, am I really that ugly?

Crayon: Hmm... let me take a good look at you.

Caleb: ... Ya?
Crayon: Hmm.. not bad. You does have a nice features. Thick eyebrows... Black shiny eyes and also tanned, very healthy looking.

Caleb: Is that so? How come no girls like me and I do not have much friends?
Crayon: Oh?

Crayon: Hmm...

Caleb: You can't answer me, don't you? See... I know. It just can't help it that I am born this way. Sigh!
Crayon: Oh no no~ Don't be so pessimistic.

Crayon: I can help. Trust me.

Caleb: Help? Really?
Crayon: Yes.

Crayon: Now, please stand up.
Caleb: Why?
Crayon: Just stand up.

Caleb: Wow! You're so tall man, Crayon. O.o
Crayon: Hehe~ My height is 1.82m.

Crayon: Now take off your clothes.
Caleb: Take out? Hmm... ok....

Caleb: So?
Crayon: Hmmm~ Let me see...

Crayon: Nice body you have, Caleb. Did you train yourself?
Caleb: Yeah once a while I will go to gym.

Crayon: *Touch* Hmm not bad, you did work hard for your body. Look at all these muscles.

*Getting close*

Caleb: *Blush* Have you finish touching?
Crayon: Oh.. am so sorry. Yes.

Crayon: Don't worry, Caleb. You got a nice body and nice features. Am sure you will soon become very handsome with my help.
Caleb: Oh?

Caleb: But... I don't think I will look good... ermm...
Crayon: Come on, Caleb. Be confident, would you?

Crayon: Come, let's go... I bring you to shopping.
Caleb: Oh ok.

Crayon: I will find the best clothes for you. Don't worry, ya?
Caleb: Thank you, Crayon.
Crayon: Its my pleasure. =D

Crayon: After that, do you have free time? Can you come to my house, I'll show you something.
Caleb: Oh what is it?
Crayon: You'll know once you come.
Caleb: Hmm I think should be no problem.
Crayon: Great! *Smirk*

Later.... @ the shop... Crayon had transform Caleb into:

Caleb: Oh my god! Thank you so much, Crayon. I love the style you choose for me.
Crayon: Told you. Lolx~ No problem, its my pleasure. Now come, let's go home together.

*We do not want to know what did Crayon show Caleb later on... Tee Hee*