Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belated gift

Lyon: Yay! Its gifts from Lycian and second mommy~

Lyon: Aw~ such nice package!

Lyon: Kaya! Open it up! Quick!
Kaya: Alright~

Lyon: *Girly action* Wah!

Lyon: Yay~ So sweet of Lycian to make this bread for me.
Kaya: This isn't edible, Lyon. Beside its not for you.

Lyon: Ok then I take this one.
Kaya: This one also not for you.

Lyon: What about this ice cream? Am sure Lycian make this for me, got my favorite flavor.
Kaya: Am sorry Lyon, this also not for you.
Lyon: Aww~

Lyon: Ok fine! I'll take this big box of treasure chocolates and share with my friends.
Kaya: This is not for you too. But... yes you may take some and share with your friends.
Lyon: * Sweat drop*

Kaya: Here... you take this one. Chin mommy and Lycian make this for you.
Lyon: Really? Yay! XD See~ nice or not my new bracelet?

Kaya: Yes of course! And this cute plushie also for you.
Lyon: Wow! This is so cute! Lycian and Chin mommy really awesome!

Lyon: *Kissu*
Kaya: *Sweat drop*

Kaya: Aww~ Thank you very much, Chin and Lycian. *Hugs*


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