Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its their birthday!

Guess who?

Erasmus: Hmm~ who's that curly man?

Curly man turn around...
Junya: Hello! :)

Junya change his hairstyle. He went to perm his hair and now he had a brand new look for his birthday.
Erasmus still look the same but he got new shirt for his birthday as well.

Erasmus: Let's take a photo together.

Erasmus: Geez Junya, your hair seems so interesting. Let me try to style it.

Erasmus: What makes you want to perm your hair? None of us had a perm hair...
Junya: I think perm hair suits me and I kinda like it.

Erasmus: Oh perm hair ne~ I never ever think about it. I think I will look strange in perm curly hair.
Junya: You can try to perm it, maybe you will look great too?! Hey stop playing with my hair.
Erasmus: Haha! C'mon!

After a while~

Junya: Its time to celebrate my birthday... let me go find some girls here... hehe~

Happy Birthday to Junya and Erasmus!

Its their first anniversary with me. And yes they got the same birthday as me. They are my birthday gifts from last year. ^_^


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