Friday, December 12, 2008

New beginning

New beginning

Last few weeks, Kai was in hospital due to some accident happened. He had operation on his full body and now he changed to a new body. His brother, Kane was worried about him, everyday went to accompany him in the hospital.

Now he's back home.... and resting....


Sleeping soundly... zzZZzz

Kane: Kai~ *Touch*

Kai: *Awake* What?
Kane: How are you feeling now? Still in pain?

Kane: If you are still in pain, must tell me ok?
Kai: I'm okay... not pain anymore.

Kane: Really? Don't bluff me. I can see that you are not feeling good.
What is it, tell me? Is it because you are not use to your new body?

Kai: Don't think that you know everything about me.

Kane: Of course I know everything about you. You're my dearest brother.
And I care for you.

Kai: Argh~ Just shut up! I'm sleepy... good nite!

Kane: Alright~ Good nite!

Kai: *Thinking* ~ You never care for me at all.
You always control me, everything!
I want freedom!


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