Friday, December 26, 2008

Come here, boy!

Come here, boy!

Champagne doesn't give up!
She saw Joshe again standing alone... she got so excited...

Champagne: Oh my! Its Joshe again!

Champagne: JOSHE! Gotcha! ;)
Joshe: !

Champagne: Joshe! Come with me! I bring you to my place.
Joshe: No! Please let go.

Champagne: Come on! Joshe! What's wrong with you?
Joshe: Sorry I have something on.

Champagne: Oh~ My body is aching... (Pull down her strip)
Joshe: ...

Champagne: Ahhh~ Oh my~ *Whispering* Wow his body is so fit. I just want to hug him tightly and won't let go...

Joshe: Hey~ Please... let go me.

Joshe: *Push*
Champagne: Hey~ Don't push me away... I know you want me. You already cannot stand anymore right? Your gf is not here with you, I wonder how would you stand it.

Joshe: Please! I won't do anything unfaithful thing to her.
Champagne: That's what you said but I know deep down your heart you cannot stand the heat. Am I right?

Champagne: *Falls* Ahhhh~
Joshe: Oh no~
Champagne: Come on Joshe dear, why won't we just do it here?
Joshe: Please let go of me... Hoshiko!!!
Champagne: No use... she can't even hear you... no matter how loud you shout also no use. You're mine!
Joshe: Hoshiko!!!


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