Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hide, my idol!

Hideto: ...

Along came Kai...

Kai: *Look*
Hideto: ... ?

Then suddenly...
Kai: HIDE!!! Are you HIDE?
Hideto: *Shocked* ... Yeah.

Kai: OMFG! You are HIDE! I can't believe it. *Hug tightly*
Hideto: *Shocked* Yeah I am...

Hideto: *Coughs* ... Excuse me. Please...
Kai: Oh Oh~ I'm so sorry.

Kai: Ne, HIDE, you know I'm you fan. I still can't believe you are right beside me. What are you doing here all alone, where's the rest? Oh I have so many things to ask you. But first, can we take picture together? *Excited*
Hideto: Oh.. okay.

Kai: Smile~
Hideto: =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome home, EnJ

EnJ came home last week.

He's so happy because he can see his best friend again.

EnJ: Do you miss me, Quartz?

Quartz: Yes of course.
EnJ: We can be together again.

EnJ: I'm so happy.

Quartz: Don't leave me, EnJ!
EnJ: I will be back soon, I promise.

Quartz: You promise?
EnJ: Of course. I promise.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First impression

Oh no~ I'm no feeling good...




Are you alright?

*Pat* Excuse me, mister.

Quartz: Hmm? What happened just now?
Bei: You fainted. Are you feeling alright now?

Quartz: *Thinks* Oh my, she's such a cutie.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


One day~
Joshe: Busy packing~

Sakito: Ne? Joshe, why are you packing? Are you going for holiday?
Joshe:... yes.

Joshe: Listen, I will be going to somewhere soon and most probably will not be coming back.
Sakito: Oh? To where?
Joshe: Some where not far.
Sakito: O,o Why?
Joshe: To start a brand new life.
Sakito: Brand new life? Did Kaya know about this?
Joshe: Yup she agreed.

Sakito: Wherever you go, please take care of yourself. I hope you will be happy there.
Joshe: Thank you, Sakito. :)

Sakito: Take care!
Joshe: You too, Sakito!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Online Shopping

Look! What's our Dear Crayon doing?


Crayon: Hmm~ which one is nice?

Kaya: Crayon, what are you doing?
Crayon: Hmm? Yes?

Crayon: Nothing much... I was surfing net.

Kaya: Oh surf what website, let me see.

Kaya: Oh! You're surfing for a new wig.
Crayon: Yup Yup. Do you think this wig is nice? Do you think it will suits me?
Kaya: I guess so. I'm actually looking a new wig for you these days but haven't find a suitable one.
Crayon: People said I looks great with a wine red wig. I also think its time to change new hairstyle.
Kaya: Well, since if you like this one, go ahead and get it.

Crayon: Really? Then I'll go get it.