Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lycian's first night

After a long day... Lycian gets tired and fall asleep.

Lycian: zzZzzzZzz...

Lycian: zzZZzzz...

Lycian: ... Hmmm...

Lycian: Hmm?

Lycian: Bro? *Turns*

Lycian: *Turns* Bro? Where are you?

Lycian: OMG! Bro is not here!

Lycian: Oh no~ Where is he?
Lyon: Lycian! What's up? Its already getting late... why aren't you asleep?
Lycian: Bro!!!

Lyon: What's wrong Lycian? This is your first night here, you can't sleep well?
Lycian: No... actually...

Lyon: What's wrong? Tell me.
Lycian: Actually I just woke up and found out that you are not beside me. I got bit worried that I was all alone. Where did you go, Bro?
Lyon: I was outside. Sorry that I got home so late. I actually forget that you are staying at home waiting for me. Sorry Lycian.

Lycian: Bro! *Hugs*
Lyon: What's wrong Lycian?
Lycian: I miss C mommy!
Lyon: Aww~ This is just only your first night here. Don't worry, I promise C mommy that I will take good care of you. *Hugs* Its late, let's sleep.

Soon the twins fall asleep... zzZzzZZzz....


Hours later...

Lolx~ Aren't they look cute while sleeping together?! XD


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