Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lycian's first day!

Crayon: Hmm... I wonder where is Mon? He always went missing. Oh someone is over there, let me go ask about it.

Crayon: Excuse me, Miss!

Crayon: O,o
Lycian: *Turn around* I'm not Miss...
Crayon: Oh, am sorry. Ooh.. you're beautiful!
Lycian: ^^;

Crayon: Are you new here? I never seen you before.
Lycian: Yes I am. I'm lost and looking for Lyon, my brother. Do you know him?
Crayon: Yes. Lyon right? I do but I didn't see him around.
Lycian: Oh~

Crayon: Hmm... I can help you find him only after I'd found my pet monkey.
Lycian: Ohh... I see. That's very kind of you. I haven't ask your name yet.
Crayon: I'm Crayon. And you?
Lycian: I'm Lycian.
Crayon: Nice meeting you. You got such long silky hair. I like~
Lycian: ^^; Thanks!

Crayon: Alright I guess I better get going. Don't worry I will get back to you soon. See Ya, gorgeous!
Lycian: *whisper* Gorgeous? ^^; Alright, see ya.

Lycian: Sigh! Where is Lyon? Its my first day here and I got lost here... ^^;

Lyon: Lycian!!! There you are.
Lycian: Bro!

Lyon: Where have you been?
Lycian: I thought you want me to wait over here for you.
Lyon: I'm sorry I told you the wrong place. Its my fault.
Lycian: Its alright, bro. I'm fine here and I met a new friend just now.
Lyon: Oh you do? Who is it?
Lycian: Its Crayon.
Lyon: Oh that sissy...
Lycian: Yeah I also find him bit sissy and he called me Miss at first then gorgeous.
Lyon: ^^; Lolx~

Lyon: Come, let me show you around.
Lycian: Sure.

*Bonus shot*


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