Monday, April 13, 2009

Skin tones Comparison

Skin tones Comparison

First up!

Galren: It feels kinda odd standing next to Junya san.
Junya: Ne, why am I the only one so tanned? Feels so out!

Gin: Why must do this photoshoot. This is so embrassing. What if Nanako see me like this?!
Sho: Great! Show off my muscular body~ Ha!
Erasmus: I'm more manly than the other two...

Joshe: Gosh! *Blush* I wonder will Hoshiko dear see this photo.
Hsin: ...
Kane: Too bad Kai isn't here because his body is different from us.

Teru: Such wasting my time. I want to play my PSP!
Reizo: Don't grumble, Teru!
Alperen: *Ahem*

Zaccheus: I need a glass of wine later after this.
Nickholas: Oh better don't let Vericia see this. If not she will look at other guys.
Ean: I wonder will any girls see this photoshoot. *Evil laugh*
Asagi: ... I want to sing...

Boys not here in the photoshoot are Crayon, Kai, Jin, Sakito, Ikki and Nicodemus. Reason why I don't let them join in is because Crayon, Kai and Ikki are in obitsu bodies. Sakito is in another body which isn't his original stock ones. Jin is busy! Haa!(I just don't want to undress his stock outfits)
And Nicodemus is still on his way back home(Somewhere in plane headless...) Haa!


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